and counting before we take off to circle the world.  I am not going to go on how excited we are but one thing I find interesting is how many people say “Aren’t you scared?”  Thats a good question, because I am scared this is not for real.

I have worked as a TechHead for 30 years and the first 10 I was as excited as that group is today. To be that excited you have to be under 60 to have time to blog, tweet, IM,  Facebook,  email, voicemail, surf, …etc. Ten months does not seem like enough time for all that. .

This Blog idea started as a way for me to remember all the places we visit. But since this is in the Blogosphere, this can evolve to be more exciting and fun. Since we will not be doing the savoy truffle we should be able to answer everyone’s comments.  I think I can do this at least twice a week, maybe more, we’ll see.

Help, I’m a Blog!