The four tennis grand slam events are the glue that keep this tour together, they compromise 6 weeks of a 40 week trip of no more snow and 3 cities of the 60 cities(see itinerary) that we will be visiting.  If you are a tennis fan and are curious of a first impression of the these events compared to their American counterpart, it will be here.

Also if you are interested in how Americans are treated abroad,  it will be here.

If you are just interested in some stories and pictures of foreign lands, it will be here.

Or if you just want to know where Ann is, it will be here.

10 Responses to “About”

  1. Diana Kiyonaga Says:

    Don’t worry – we’ll all make sure Travis is cared for! I already told him that if he doesn’t go to Aunt Sue’s for the holidays, he is welcome at our house. have fun!!!!!!

  2. Jenny Says:

    Ann & George,
    Enjoy yourselves on this Trip of a Lifetime! I can’t wait to read your blog over the next 9 months and see your photos. What an amazing time you’re going to have!


  3. Bill Little Says:

    You said it a long time ago George, travel will make you a richer person. Good luck and send more news. Especially appreciated will be travel insights on local color as well as tips on avoiding red tape, both at the Slams and all through you trip.
    As one who has circumnavigated once[and wants to go again], I can tell you that you are about to do something few accomplish and fewer understand. It is a unique prospect, the world is still big but you can understand how to make it smaller. Best wishes to Ann and you. Take shitloads of photos.
    Buon viaggio! Bill

  4. Phil Gross Says:

    What a great idea- I’m jealous. I told my wife that we should go to the other slams (been to US) when I retire but you have really expanded on this. Have a fabulous time and I look forward to reading your blog(looks like you’re ready to hit with Roger).

    1. George and Ann Says:

      Thanks Phil, I hope you take advantage of the opportunity when you retire. It seemed like a fun thing to do years ago and now it has grown into more excitement and fun and we haven’t left NY yet. The internet has made this all possible’

  5. Kathy Says:

    You must be on The Amazing Race! With your travel experience you would be a sure winner!

    1. George and Ann Says:

      Kathy-Hi…this would not be an amazing food experience for me though. I have done well on the trains and with the money but not too willing to try unknown food. I am,however, adding variation to my toast and tea. Japan is so very clean. Reminds me of my office

  6. kathy hayes Says:

    Have yo useen HongXuan yet?

  7. Sarah Says:

    Awesome trip. It doesn’t look like you are using this domain much anymore. I’m a real person from South Florida (most of my life) and wondering if you are interested in selling it. I’m not a site broker, I’d like to use it for myself. (Sorry if this message appears multiple times, it keeps having me sign in to WordPress and then brings me back here without my comment posted).

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