He just keeps on munching

We were the third car in the line waiting for the big bull elephant to get off the road so we could get back to the Satara camp before the camp gates were closed for the night.  As we have seen in previous days in the park, the bull is often the last family member to cross the road.  This one decided to walk up the road awhile and stop and graze on the roadside grass.  I think they like to do this to just show their superiority.  The park recommends to give elephants 30 meters of space.  To pass this one would leave about 3 meters max.  We had all turned our car engines off and were waiting for him to move on which they eventually do.  Out from behind came the quiet murmur of a car creeping along passing us all at a barely moving pace. It looked like he was moving as slowly and quietly as possible (more…)