In Shinjuku the shoppers come from the end of the earth

If you have been to New York City, Tokyo is similar. Tokyo is divided into Japanese wards, similar to NYC’s boroughs and districts.  The center of Tokyo seems to be Shinjuku. It has by far the largest and busiest train station. It is huge. Many, many times larger than Penn station and Grand Central combined. Exit on the west side of the station and you are in skyscraper city, not many and not so tall. Exit on the east and you are in shoppers world. East or West, there are many exits from the underground train stations. You do not have to exit to shop, there are long hallways of shops. One long hallway of shops leads to the Tokyo Government buildings.  Similar to the Albany Concourse but grander and more shops. One building the Tokyo


Metropoliatan Government Building has a top floor observatory where you can get a view of how expansive Tokyo is.  It was only clear enough when we were there to see Mt Fuji’s outline. Outside the

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In Harajuku you can find a red hat CLICK

building the government workers were rallying on the plaza for higher wages.  Shinjuku is a fashionable shopping area for mainly young women and they are dressed to shop. One train stop down the Yamonte rail line is the trendy Harajuku, and cross town is upscale Ginza, where your run of the mill high fashion shops are.