COUNTRY CITY  arrival/visit Length of STAY Flight Arrival/Depart
USA NYC – LGA New York City 1 day Oct 21 7:59 AM
Hawaii 14 days
Turtle Bay Oct 21 – Oct 27
Hilo Oct 28 – Oct 31
Waikiki Beach Nov 1 – Nov 4
Japan 19 days Nov 5-Nov 24
Ueno,Tokyo 3 days
Kyoto/Naira/Osaka 7 days
Nakano,Tokyo 10 days
China 35 days Nov 24-Dec 29
Hong Kong 3 nights s
Hong – Beijing train 1 night
Beijing 6 nights
Nanjing 10 nights
Xi’an 6 nights
Shanghai 7  nights s
Hong Kong 2 nights
Thailand 21 days Dec 29-Jan 19
Bangkok 3 nights
Phuket 1 night
Kata Beach 7 days
Krabi 4 nights
Bangkok 6 nights
Australia 35 days Jan 20-Feb 22
sydney 2 nights
Melbourne 20 nights
Ocean drive 6 days
Sydney drive 4 nights
Sydney 3 nights
South Africa 42 days Feb 22-4/05
Johannesburg airprt 2 nights
Hazyview 4 days
Sata camp 4 days
Komatipoor 4 days
Nelspruit 1 day
St Lucia 3 days
Richards Bay 1 day
Durban 3 days
East London 3 days
Port Alfred 2 days
Port Elizabeth 3 days
Plettenberg bay 2 days
Mossel Bay 2 days
Simon Town 2 days
Cape Town 4 days
Train 1 day
Johannesburg 2 nights
Morocco 14 days 4/06-4/20
Casablanca 2 day
Marrakech 2 days
Essaouira 6 days
Marrakech 2 days
Casablanca 1 day
Spain 14 Days 4/20-
Barcelona 1 weeks Apr 20 – Apr28
Blanes 5 days Apr  29 – May 3
Cerbere transfer WAIT @ border
France TRAIN 8 days 8 days


Sete 2 days May 4 – May 5


Marseille 1 day May 6 – May 6


Nice 5 days May 7 – May 11


San Tropez Day trip


Cannes Day trip


Villefranche Day trip
Italy Eurail 2 weeks


Cecina Mare 2 day May 12 – May13


Rome 7 days may 14 – may20


Naples 3 days May 21 – May24


Florence 2 days may 25  – May 6
France Eurail Paris 27 days May 27 – June 23
UK London 16 days June 22 – July 8
Belgium 9 days July 8- July 16
Brussels 2 days
Brugges/Ghent 3 days
Antwerp 2 days
Brussels 1 days
Call back for Netherlands
Netherlands Amsterdam 1 week
Belgium Brussels 1 day

14 Responses to “Itinerary”

  1. Wow, this is amazing! I hope you have a great time!

  2. annie & bad boy Says:

    Awesome, sounds like a well planned trip. jealous?? yes sireeeee!!!

  3. annie & bad boy Says:

    Finally caught up with you guys, got home from our vacation and wanted to see what you two were doing, great site, great commentaries and you are certainly more courageous than I would be. It doesn’t sound easy getting around with not much English being spoken and customs being so different. Stay well, safe travels and have a super New Year, one that you will never forget!! (Ann, sp much for escaping cold!!)

  4. Tony DiVirgilio Says:

    Hey George,
    Len was telling me about your world tour. I finally got a chance to check out the details on your adventure. All I have to say is…. Wow…. Great blog. Kind of makes you feel like a guest on your travels. Keep up the great posts.

    1. George and Ann Says:

      Thanks Tony, We are bogged down right now down under at the Aussie Open, I don’t have much time to do anything but sit in the second row at Hisense Arena and watch tennis for 10 hours. You would not believe how many solar water heaters the Chinese have on top of their dwellings and the sun hardly shines. Hope your Holidays were grand. Life is good!

      1. Tony DiVirgilio Says:

        Any time you want to come back to work we got a spot for you when you run out of money!!!! I understand that the governor’s job will be available.

  5. We met you guys in Kruger park waiting for the leopards , your trip looks amazing we are based just near to OR TAMBO airport, if we can be of any help while you guys are visiting our Country send me an e mail and I will do my best to help you
    Enjoy South Africa
    Sean& Michelle Barker

    1. George and Ann Says:

      It was good talking to you in KNP. We saw a second leopard the next day at the water hole by the boulders where you were watching the Klipspringers.We are on a hillside in Wilderness now making our way down the east coast to Cape Town. We will be taking the train to JNB to fly out of South Africa. There is so much to see here and 6 weeks is not enough. We think that this is a good place to spend one of our future winters. You are fortunate to have such a beautiful country. Keep in touch. Quite a performance enterprise going! George

  6. Diane Lange Says:

    Enjoying your postings on this web-site!!!

  7. Glad you are having a great time in south africa ,if you have time in JHB before you fly out a and want to go for a bite to eat dropme a mail ,

  8. Rylee Says:

    I loved the little baby tiger and the elephants following the car. When are you coming home anyway?

    I was asking my mom what color your hair is. White or yellow?? How old are you? You look good with the colors of your hair.

    Write me back silly goof!

  9. Jenny Irwin Says:

    Hi George and Ann!
    Your photos are amazing, I agree with what your friend Tony wrote – it feels as though I’m a guest on your trip around the world! What a great blog! Enjoy the last few legs of your tour, hope to see you in a couple of months!


  10. Tali Says:

    I was searching on the internet about how I would eventually purchase tickets to the Barcelona open in April. I will be in Barcelona during the time that the matches begin and came across your website during my browsing. Is it easy to simply purchase tickets at the tennis site in Barcelona in the morning and then stay for the day or do you suggest purchasing them prior to my departure from the US, and how? I am not sure if you still check this blog now that you seem to be back from these amazing travels, but any advice would do. Thanks! Happy new year!

    1. George and Ann Says:

      Hi Tali, We purchased 2 tickets for one day on the internet. I believe it was 2 weeks before the tournament, We did not know how popular the tournament would be. Nadal was originally scheduled to play, so we thought it would a sellout so we purchased as soon as we could. He eventually dropped out before the tournament started. We picked up our tickets at Will Call. At the entrance to the grounds were 2 ticket booths and we were the only ones at the booths 1 hour before scheduled play . It was extremely easy to purchase tickets at the grounds for future days. We purchased tickets up to the semis, that day we arrived at the Reale Tennis Club. Each day the stadium was not entirely filled, maybe 80% filled. It is a compact tennis venue and the grounds are crowded because of this. There were top notch clay court players in the draw but if Nadal or Federer were in the draw the ticket availability may have been different.

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