The North Shore of Oahu is many miles of beaches with a scattering of small communities; Hukilua, Laie, Kahuku, Waialee, Kaena and Pupukea to name a few. All with too many vowels for a New Yorker to pronounce or remember.The major activity along this shore is surfing. Everything happens at the beach, out in the water. AnnTendingThePinAt the beach you are either a surfer, a spectator or a beach lover. This creates a slowed down pace of life. We knew things really slowed down when when we started watching turtles. So since we are staying at the only resort that we have seen here, and it has a golf course, Ann thought we could quicken our pace by going out to the  golf course..Golf courses are normally landscaped to parklike settings, this one is no exception. The grass was so soft and plush. What made this one different was the trees and the shrubs were like we never seen. In fact the whole North Shore is that way. Not one tree or shrub from New York is here nor any from here in New York. Almost all of them have flowers or strange looking fruit, nuts or seeds hanging from them. What it must be to walk around this all on a warm breezy, sunny day.

annbracletturtleAnn is wearing her LukeStrong bracelet around the world.