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Having just been at the Wimbledon tennis tournament in London, I wondered what could possibly be more exciting in London.  Walking through Hyde Park several times a day was an extremely pleasurable city activity just across the street from our apartment, but it was not exciting. Then we  discovered, by chance when walking by the park concert grandstand, that Paul McCartney was to perform in the park while we were in London. He was the headliner for an all-day concert that was part of an all-weekend concert, which was part of an all-month concert in the park. We could not believe our eyes, we thought we must be reading something wrong and went home to goggle it and sure enough tickets were for sale and two were ours! The London itinerary did not include 4 days at Wimbledon with McCartney singing in the park where we were staying. This could not be a better tour package!

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Nadal had his eye on one thing.

The ghost of Fred Perry haunted Murray.

S.Williams was ace supreme.

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Our first full day in London was spent trying to secure tickets for Wimbledon with no luck.  At noon, the tournament sold returned tickets on Ticketmaster. We tried getting returns for hours. Also at 8:30pm,  400 more tickets were released for the back row of Center Court.  Many more hours on the website and no tickets. It looked like we would have to go to Wimbledon and wait in “The Queue”. The next day, arriving on the edge of the tournament grounds, we were greeted by overly-friendly Wimbledon stewards who directed us through a gate for non-ticket holders. A walkway led to a grassy field (more…)